KWB Polices

At Kyle Willis Beauty, your appointments are very important to us! We set aside time for you and your beautician to get the best results possible. We realize that things may come up that requires an adjustment in your allocated time so we ask that you kindly follow our booking policies. All of our policies are to ensure that you and guests following your appointment get equal time and attention, every time!

Cancellation Policy 

We kindly ask that you call or email the front desk at least 24 hours before needing to cancel or change an appointment.  You can call (508) 339-3007 or email [email protected] 24/7. If we don’t answer please leave a message and you will be all set! We will call or email back to confirm once we receive your message. If you fail to give us proper notice of cancellation a 50% fee of all services booked will be added to your account, which will need to be paid upon making your next appointment.

No Show Policy

At Kyle Willis Beauty, we give you many options to curiously alert you of your upcoming appointments. We reach out via email and send text reminders 48 hours prior to confirm, and again 24 hours before to remind you of your upcoming appointment. We have a zero-tolerance policy for not showing up for your scheduled appointments. If you “no show” you will be required to pay 100% of all scheduled services.

Late Policy 

We kindly ask that you call or email the desk if you are going to be late. Depending on the beautician’s schedule a late arrival may result in receiving fewer services or possibly having to reschedule the appointment entirely. If you are going to be more than 10 minutes past your scheduled appointment, we will give a courteously call. If the beautician is able to accommodate, we will inform you if we can keep the appointment or we may have to ask that you reschedule. If we do have to reschedule, our cancellation policy charging a 50% fee of all services may be enforced.

If we have to exercise any of these policies, we may ask for a credit card to be left on file for all future appointments. If a client is in violation of any booking policy more than twice, we may be required to ask our client to pre-pay for any future appointments booked.

Open Chair Policy

At Kyle Willis Beauty we believe the relationship between the beautician and client is one that is intimately personal and unique! We like to exercise our open chair policy. What this means for you! If you come to Kyle Willis Beauty as a client and you did not receive the service you anticipated, or enjoy a perfect experience, or were unable to make a connection with your beautician – we welcome you back to see as many service providers as you need until you find the right fit!

We are a team of professionals that completely understand that one’s artistic abilities will vary from another. We would much rather see you happy with all aspects of your time spent at Kyle Willis Beauty, therefore, we encourage you to try another beautician!

Our open chair policy also exists so the client can feel free to see another service provider if their regular provider is busy or unavailable! Please realize, we are a team at Kyle Willis Beauty. There are never any hard feelings if we see our clients sharing service providers!